How do you use first impressions as part of the buying process?

I find first impressions that apply products as they were intended, like a new eyeshadow palette that is swatched and applied to eyes, useful to get an idea of how it works, how it applies, how it blends, and so on. I do like to see most of the shades in action, or else the information is only good for the shades used and may be a small portion of a palette (depending on how large it is). For things like complexion products, say a foundation, first impressions are only useful if they at least include a day of wear, but I find those types of products do not translate as well to first impressions as too often I’ve found a foundation looks great one day and terrible a week later and vice versa. I tend to find more use out of first impressions when they are positioned as that – initial impressions, so statements like “this is the best ever” aren’t thrown around either, more “here’s how this worked this time around, seems promising, etc.”

— Christine

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