Tips On Getting The Perfect Lip Glow

Your lips are the second most important features on your face, right after the eyes of course, hence its appearance matters. A healthy lip glows naturally and effortlessly, giving you the best of smiles that increase your facial beauty. This article exposes some very useful tips in achieving that perfect lip glow.

1- Exfoliate Regularly :
Just like the skin, the lips also need to be exfoliated. This will help remove the dead layers on the lip and reveal a healthy glowing luscious lip. Exfoliating should be done at least twice each week to promote lip appearance. If you are more of a DIY (do it yourself) kind of person, simply dissolve a cube of sugar in lemon and apply via an activated charcoal lip exfoliator brush remember to scrub gently. The results are quickly visible. Or for a more defined look try the All natural coconut lip scrub that is also vegan.

2- Cleanse and Hydrate :
After exfoliating, you will need to cleanse your lips to completely rid them of these dead layers. Luckily you can do this with your baby wipes or for better results, make use of the Tok Tok lip peeling cleanser . Also drink lots of water. Staying hydrated keeps the lips from becoming dry and parched looking irrespective of what season we’re in. Stay hydrated, stay cleansed.

3- Moisturize :
The lips need to be moisturized after being cleansed. This should be done before you go to bed and immediately after taking your morning shower. Moisturizing the lips keeps it soft, gives it that plump/luscious glow and reveals its pink hue. To do this well, you will need to get the Vaseline lip moisturizer or the Jack Black lip balm , their results are absolutely stunning.

4- Do not smoke :
The constituent of cigars not only prove harmful to human health, but also have adverse effects on the lips. When smoking, part of these ingredients end up diffusing into the lips and changing its general outlook. It makes it look five times darker, less appealing, and let’s not forget wrinkly and dry. This is a sacrifice that cigar lovers must make if they want the best set of lips.

5- Reduce Caffeine :
Sadly, this is another ingredient that reduces lip quality. Most of us cannot deal without taking coffee, tea and certain caffeinated beverages. I mean it is how we start our days. But, for a healthy, glowing lip one needs to reduce his/her caffeine intake.

6- Use Good Cosmetics :
This is actually mandatory. Using good cosmetics on your lips will leave it looking radiant and will not have any adverse effect on it.

The appearance of a glowing lip just sends the right kind of signals and attention your way. Luckily, these tips will definitely help you to get that perfect glow.

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